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What Indicates How Well Your’re Selling on Amazon ?

📊Amazon has become a Powerful Sales Tool and a Destination for Shoppers. So What Can You Do to Improve Your Amazon Store’s Success with Consumers? Make Sure To Follow These Best Practices.

BSR (Best Seller Rank) Measures How Frequently Your Item Is Purchased In Comparison To Others In A Given Category, Not All Products On Amazon.

Don’t get caught up in BSR as a whole; it isn’t always indicative of profit.

You don’t need to monitor your competitors’ BSR. Concentrate on where you rank for your target keywords and how many sales you generate.

📌Rate of outside/external conversion:

This includes traffic generated by Facebook ads, email marketing, affiliate links, Pinterest, Instagram, and other similar channels.

Even if your customer does not purchase from your external link, the click can still help you rank higher because you are bringing people from outside Amazon into the Amazon ecosystem. Amazon is more concerned with recent sales than with anything else.

The more recent sales you’ve had, the more the algorithm will favor you, making it easier to rank on page one.
It has been speculated that the honeymoon period is approximately 20-35 days or the first 3,100 impressions – no one knows for certain.

📌 Be prepared to launch as soon as your item arrives in stock.

Prepare your listing ahead of time, your promotions, and you’ll be ready to go with your honeymoon period!
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