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E-Startup provides your business the opportunity to join and master the Amazon marketplace. Our Amazon expertise and insider knowledge will provide you with the right strategy to outperform your competitors in sales and brand value. Working with our experts will allow you to see your PPC profits skyrocket as a result of our optimization process.


Amazon is rapidly expanding as a digital advertising platform, which means competition has increased. Because Amazon advertising has become so common, what you need for your business is a carefully curated Amazon ad sales campaign that will boost your sales, make your brand more visible, and help your business grow. As a result, Amazon Sponsored Advertising is an essential component of any successful ad sales campaign. This is where our Amazon experts come in to ensure that you get the most out of every dollar spent.

Lower ACOS, Higher Profitability

More ad money does not always equate to more Amazon views and sales. As a result, while Amazon Sponsored Advertising is an important advertising strategy, you must ensure that you get your money’s worth. Our Amazon experts can optimise your PPC campaign so that you have more money in your budget to increase advertising and sales.

Master the Amazon Category

With happy customers and positive feedback, your brand will quickly gain a sizable market share. To outperform your competitors, you will benefit from our competitive research process, which will allow you to identify market trends that you might otherwise overlook. Once the market gaps have been identified, we will be able to attract more customers than your competitors through product and keyword targeting.

Make your brand stand out from the crowd

Because there are thousands of competitors for your customers to choose from on Amazon, we will use Sponsored Brands Ads to make your brand stand out from the crowd. Your ads will have a higher conversion rate if your brand appears at the top of every search.

Boost Revenue and Sales

As more and more customers purchase your products, you will not only meet but also exceed your sales targets. Our strategies enable you to reduce ad waste while increasing sales exponentially!


Amazon experts will curate your PPC campaigns. Through our ad specialists, E-Startups provides practical advice. They are experts at optimizing PPC campaigns, ensuring that no money is wasted. This will free up more funds in your budget for attracting new audiences, increasing sales, and eventually gaining a dominant market share.


When it comes to PPC optimization, eStartups is at the top of the game. E-Startups offers its clients new and exciting ways to increase their sales through PPC optimization using a process that guarantees results. We bring new ideas to the table and are always available to help you along the way.

A Genuine Collaboration

Our clients’ success is our success. That is why we regard you as a partner with whom we can communicate freely. We like to meet with our clients on a regular basis so that we can see their vision and they can learn about our strategies. We can guarantee you a one-of-a-kind Amazon PPC campaign that will exceed your expectations and convert your ads into sales by collaborating closely.

Insider Knowledge

The ad sales market may be crowded, but our experts receive insider tips and information from Amazon, giving our clients the upper hand.

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E-Startups is a marketing and consulting firm that helps clients both on and off Amazon.

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